Environmentalist writer Rebecca Solnit once said, "Perfection is the stick with which to beat the possible." This rings true for many who take on self-challenges, aspiring to reach some idealized goals, but when they let up and one day slack on their commitment, rationalize, "well, there it goes." If you've ever stopped a diet after a cheat day, if you've ever forgotten the gym code because you missed one work out, if you've ever let one mistake topple into the next, then this is something you need to know. You don't need to be perfect, you just need to aspire towards it. Keep this in mind when you take a pledge.


Below you'll find a list of pledges you can take to help make your impact on this planet a positive one. Pledges are in no way do or die, if you make a mistake, that's completely fine - if over time you feel like you've come to disagree with a pledge, you're free to change your mind (we hope you don't!). The important part is that you take the first step to educate yourself on your own terms and follow through with action.


Saying no to single use plastics, or pulling out of socially irresponsible investments are a great way to play your part in keeping this planet beautiful, but always remember that if you forget to refuse a water bottle, or aren't able to keep track of all the investments in your 401(k), that you're not an evil monster - just try to recycle your bottle and refuse next time, or make an eventual effort to discover what your investments hold! 

A habit is a powerful thing.

Say "NO" to Single-Use Plastics

More than 8 million tons of plastics find their way into our planet's oceans every year. By refusing to use single use plastics you are helping curb those numbers.


Remember, while your individual impact may seem negligible, you don't know if your straw or plastic bag may end up in a whale's stomach, a turtle's nose, or a bird's nest. It's the one case that makes the difference, so aim to limit your use as best you can.


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Divest from Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels are not themselves evil, but the destruction that our unchecked use of them has caused is soon to be irreparable. We are not in a position to look to a fossil fuel-based future, and must look to moving towards clean energy.

Voicing our opinions is not enough, and we must put our money where our mouths are. By divesting from funds that support the fossil fuel industry, we are aiding the transition away from them and into clean energy and a clean planet!

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Make a change not for the impact, but for the habit. The Impact will follow, but only after the habit is formed. No change is evaluated for a single case, but for the sum of all cases.

Substitute Bike Travel

Not every change you make needs to be a drastic one, or an all or nothing decision. By choosing to use your bike instead of your car for any trips within a few miles of your house, or any fifteen minute or less rides, you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you're dropping your carbon footprint significantly.

The great aspect of this is that you get to choose how you want to do this - set your specifications, and get on your bike! Another variation is to do all weekend travel by bike, or biking to and from work specifically by bike, and use your car for longer trips.

When your legs get tired and you're hating yourself for ditching your car for that ride, remember how good you're going to look after all that biking!

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no, tis doesn't mean worrying about your weight! Being diet conscious means being aware of things like where the food you eat comes from. Everything has an origin and a travel route to get from there to your plate, so what is that story?

Was the fish you're eating sustainably caught? Was the chicken . you're eating come from a cage farm where the chickens move around so little they legitimately (this is heartbreakingly true) break their legs by standing up? What kinds of antibiotics are fed to the cows that gave your our milk and steak?

There are plenty of reasons to be conscious of these facts - from health reasons to environmental reasons. Remember, this pledge is not only for your sake, but also to help stop supporting industries with unethical business status quos.

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