Put your money where your mouth is. If we want to get serious about enacting change, then we need to start at the root of the problem - as long as people will pay for socially irresponsible behavior, someone will sell it. It's up to us, both as buyers and investors, to make a difference.


As long as fossil fuels remain the cheapest form of fuel, there will be a market, so let's spend on renewable energy research and find ways to make solar, hydro, thermal, and all of clean energy competitive!


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Many people argue against divestment from fossil fuels on the grounds that they want to see high rates of return on their investments, however a variety of Divestment Funds have outperformed Fossil Fuel dependent funds and proven that socially conscious investments are equally competitive investments.


We remember the housing bubble, the dot com bubble, and understand how unchecked finances can lead to global catastrophe. The Fossil-Fuel bubble will lead us there if we don't isolate ourselves. Read more about it here, here, and here, and don't forget to contribute any resources to our directory!

Let's put our money where our mouths are. Let's tell Big Oil we don't want them polluting our planet, and we will no longer support them in doing it.

Clean Energy

Divesting from Fossil Fuels frees up money to be reinvested into clean energy. Scores of thousands of new jobs would enter the markets, with installers, designers, engineers, maintenance crews, etc., and all of that money would then be circulating into the economy rather than lining the pockets of Fossil Fuel executives.

In addition to the redistribution of funds into the hands of clean energy projects, a lot of that money could also go into social welfare programs at the federal, state, and community levels. Large scale clean energy-based infrastructure could bring a vision of electric transportation throughout a city, making commuting by public transit a more viable and safe option.

Moral Reasons

While there are a plethora of economic and safety reasons to divest from fossil fuels, there are moral reasons too. Our emissions are leading us to a future where the coming generations iwll not have access to many of the resources that we take for granted now.

The polar ice caps are melting leading to a variety of ecosystem harms, changing wind and ocean current patterns are taking tie toll on countless species and habitats, and rising sea levels are threatening the infrastructure that over half of the global population relies on.

As long as fossil fuels are the cheapest energy there will be a market, so let's reinvest our money into clean energy companies.

Developed vs Developing

While many developed nations made use of unchecked resource extraction to gain a huge economic advantage, current developing nations are having regulations imposed on them that unfairly bar them from the same economic benefits enjoyed by developed countries in the past.

Instead of leading developing nations to follow in our footsteps and walk in the same potholes we've fallen into, let's set the stage to develop sustainable infrastructure so that all economies can share in the fruits of a healthy world economy.

The Gamble

Every dollar kept in a fund that supports fossil fuel activities is a dollar that claims a stake of ownership in the risk of environmental catastrophe. The only way to avoid that risk is by pulling the resources from these activities.

While it may be unlikely, ask yourself would you risk losing your house to make a thousand dollars? Because on the off chance that a pollution catastrophe occurs in a location like the North Sea, we are risking damage unlike any spill before. IS that risk worth it? If the loss is unacceptable under any circumstances, then the gamble can't be acceptable.

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