Our blog contains in-depth articles covering resources which cover climate literacy, sustainable development, Indigenous advocacy, social responsibility and more. These resources can be used as supplements for classroom activities and discussion or can be used by students independently to discover the world around them with fresh eyes. the solutions to the challenges facing us today will be solved by the next generation, and ensuring they have the tools to learn how to address these problems is one of the goals of the Tangency Foundation.

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Climate Literacy

Understanding the science that explains our current climate crisis, and learning the skills to tackle climate change deniers is one of the most important facets of climate action today.

Lesson Plans

Classroom activities and discussions guided by high-quality, engaging content that makes topics engaging and relatable to students is a crucial part of the classroom environment. Helping teachers find resources that can bring student discussions to life can mean the difference to students whose school districts may not have the budget for high-quality resources.


Videos are an unparalleled medium for engaging students' minds while introducing them to new concepts.  They can bring the world's greatest speakers to classroom projection screens, explainer videos to their phones, and much more! From TED talks to award-winning films, find some of the most impacting videos on linked-to and covered in our blog!

Marine STEM

Science Activities

You don't need to swim in the ocean to learn about it. With a variety of activities and projects to learn about ocean acidification, microplastics, marine life and more, there is never a shortage of educational tools for the classroom.

Snorkeling and

SCUBA Diving

Exploratory snorkeling and scuba diving trips help you discover the eccentricities of both marine habitats and freshwater ecosystems 



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