Clean Ups

Both parks and city streets need their fare share of cleaning, and while a a populace may have the best intentions in creating a variety of trash bins and recycling centers, in the end perfection is beat a stick with which to beat the possible. We must always seek to beautify our planet, and in doing so learn in the process about her beautiful secrets.

Taking an opportunity to pick a coffee cup up off of the floor is a chance to make a change. Inspire someone else to follow in your footsteps. Even if it seems your impact is extremely small, you don't know if that particular cup could have ended up in a whale's stomach or a bird's nest. For these reasons no change is too small.

Litter Makes the World Bitter - But it Doesn’t Have Toon

The importance of awareness when it comes to sustainable living can’t be underestimated. At present, 79% of all plastic waste worldwide, makes its way into the environment. There is good news, though. This being that interactive environmental activities for children can be instrumental in changing broader societal behavior patterns.

Clean Ups and STEM

Clean ups are a prime opportunity to examine your surroundings and think about the science going on around you. How long would that trash stay in your environment if it wasn't picked up? What kinds of chemicals leach into the ground from plastics left in rivers? What types of insects live in your hiking area, or how did birds in that clean up area adapt to benefit from location specific features such as hardwood trees, or special shrubs.

Make a change not for the impact, but for the habit. The Impact will follow, but only after the habit is formed. No change is evaluated for a single case, but for the sum of all cases.

One Green Day Activity Can Make a World of Difference

In places like Western Australia, as few as eighteen volunteers are already proving that activities like beach cleanups can make a world of difference to the environment. In just a single cleanup, teams can collect as much as 17 bags of refuse. Moreover, the economic impact can be profound.


A green day activity like a beach cleanup can boost local tourism. In turn, this can give rise to secondary economic benefits. These manifest when businesses and startups start expanding into cleanup areas, to cater for increased visitor numbers. Interactive environmental activities like ours, therefore raise ecological awareness and help inspire real local entrepreneurship.


Green City & Neighbourhood Initiatives

As well as cleaning up beaches and parks, we also organize interactive environmental activities in urban and inner-city areas. When we do, we simultaneously help demonstrate how such initiatives help encourage new economic opportunities.


From sustainable architectural planning to improved management of urban power and wastewater systems, green city initiatives create jobs, alleviate environmental health concerns, and teach local businesses how to reduce waste and utility costs.

Conservation is as much a learning opportunity as it is a social endeavor, and at the intersection lies creativity.

Conservation & Sustainability is a Viable Career Path

As a nonprofit educational group, every green day activity we organize is designed to encourage STEM subject students to consider a career in conservation and sustainability. We do this by looking at the hard science behind conservation, and the real economic benefits of sustainable urban planning and development.


Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to become a high-earner by choosing a green career path. Energy consultants, accountants, environmental scientists, and sustainability strategists, are already in high-demand around the world. Our sustainability exercises for students, therefore, make STEM students aware of their full career options.

Help Make the World a Better Place With Us

We understand the importance of awareness of environmental concerns better than anyone. We also know how important it is for people to start taking a real hands-on approach to sustainability. We help inspire young people to do just this. The only question is, are you as passionate about the future as we are? 

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