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Conserving the beauty of the planet has economic and social benefits. The moral purpose is simply a bonus. Because money not spent on costly large scale clean ups can be better spent on a variety of other social expenditures, community-clean ups can be a great way to help steer that money in a better direction while simultaneously increasing citizen's lifestyle activities and community engagement.

The Tangency Foundation understand the importance of awareness when it comes to the natural environment better than anyone. We also know how important it is for people to start taking a more hands-on approach to sustainability. The only question is, are you as passionate about the future as we are? 

Economic Benefits

of Sustainability

The importance of awareness when it comes to sustainable living can’t be underestimated. At present, 79% of all plastic waste worldwide, makes its way into the environment. There is good news, though. This being that interactive environmental activities for children can be instrumental in changing broader societal behavior patterns.

Environmental Activities

In places like Chesapeake Bay, economists have demonstrated how ongoing efforts to clean up local waterways, can add up to $22 billion per year to surrounding local economies. Better forest management helps reduce local flooding; reduced pollution leads to improved human health. More importantly, cleanup of rivers and streams significantly boosts local tourism and recreation opportunities.

By introducing volunteers to all aspects of conservation, we hope to increase environmental awareness, and encourage students to consider a career in conservation and sustainability.

Green Begets Green

Interactive environmental activities like beach cleanups are about more than just raising environmental awareness.

Since projects like Chesapeake Bay's have been implemented a growing amount of evidence supports that cleaner air, water, and natural surroundings, make surrounding cities like Virginia, more attractive to property buyers. Local real estate, therefore, increases in value, often spurring more significant urban regeneration in the process.

Make it Known

When planning sustainability exercises for students, The Tangency Foundation makes sure to emphasize the economic benefits of cleanups. This is important, as even many environmentally aware people take the economic advantages of cleaner cities and beaches for granted.

No one need be selfless to be a conservationist, it's their planet as much as it is ours. Let's keep beauty the status quo.

What the Number Say

According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, tourism and outdoor recreation in the United States add over $373 billion per year to the U.S. economy. (This equates to more than major industries like agriculture and mining). However, dirty beaches and urban areas will often deter, rather than attract visitors.


In 2011, a 9% drop in visitors to Florida beaches in the aftermath of the BP oil disaster, resulted in losses of $252 million to $332 million to the local economy. What is important to remember, though, is that it's not just major environmental disasters which impact local economies.

Plural City Benefits

Cities like San Francisco currently spend upwards of $54 million each year just cleaning up litter. Given the fact that the San Francisco Bay area is home to a burgeoning homelessness crisis, projects like volunteer cleanups could help cities like San Francisco start spending money on much more meaningful social projects.   

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